Cat Names By Color

Cat Names By Color.

Choosing a cat’s name based on their physical characteristics is a great way to christen your new cat and welcome him or her in your home. Take a look at some of the best, the most interesting and creative cat names by color listed below:


Akemi. Japanese for “Beautiful”. Tortoiseshell cats exhibit different varied hues that are simply breathtaking to owners and guests alike.

Aurora. Short for the northern lights phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis. Get this handle if your cat shows an absolutely beautiful pattern.

Canvas. An extraordinary name for a feline who exhibits a somewhat extraordinary piece of art.

Cosmos. Comes from Greek origins, meaning “World and Order”, or the order of the universe and other galaxies. Heavenly bodies and stars form a tortoiseshell pattern, and it’s a good name for a pet who’s important in your life.

Freckles, Sparkles or Pebbles. Reserved for heavily dotted cat varieties.

Jigsaw. Can be attributed to a tortoiseshell’s seemingly random patterns that form a larger puzzle. If your cat is difficult to fathom and even harder to understand, this is the name to get.

Jupiter. A planet in our solar system that most resembles a tortoiseshell pattern.

Motley. A cat who shows a combination of brown, grey and orange or black in their coats may be named Motley. For cats who sometimes looks like a pile of laundry until they move or come out of their nap.

Patches. A patchy sort of rugged look deserves the name Patches. Plus points if your cat is extra cute and dainty.

Paprika. A spice that can be different colors.

Ribbons. In English, narrow pieces of fabric that can be any color.

Shelly. A direct connotation to the colorful shell of a tortoise.

Skittles. Love candy and a cute handle for your cat? Choose this name and your pet will immediately look up and recognize its name.

Tortie. You can use any derivative, i.e., Tortilla or Tortellini for effect. For patterns that look like Calico Tortoiseshell coloring.

Zodiac. Gives your guests and relatives something to think about. Different Zodiacs have assigned colors.


Mogwai. The most famous creatures in the classic cult film Gremlins.

Hobbes. If you’re fond of reading Sunday cartoon strips, then Hobbes is a must-consider.

Rainbow. For felines who show a whole range of different shades and hues.

Picasso. For artistically inclined cat owners. Picasso is famous for producing colorful works of art in different geometric shapes.

Autumn. The fall season has the brilliant colors of a Calico cat.

Callie. A derivative of the word “Calico”. You can experiment with spelling, i.e., Cali or Kali, etc.

Confetti. If being greeted by your calico cat is like being showered in confetti, then this is the perfect handle.

Nibbles. A cute name for an equally diminutive, yet big-hearted and gentle cat dabbed with lovely colors.

Marble. Mixed calico colors can sometimes look like marble flooring.

Monarch. A masculine name for a feline who shows white, black and orange patterns.

Mosaic. A term which is also synonymous to calico patterns.

Spice. A popular cat name that can mean different colored spices or a pet who spices up your life.

Sundae. Sundaes are vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and caramel. When mixed together, you get a calico pattern.

Orange Tabby

Amber. A great name for a female orange tabby cat. It’s sweet and blends nicely with a cat who has a mysterious personality.

Aslan. The great lion in the Chronicles of Narnia.

Cheeto. Named after a popular snack peppered with orange flavoring.

Fire. Is your cat bursting with energy and excitement every single day? Call him Fire and be done with it.

Garfield. Pay homage to arguably the most popular cat of all time.

Ginger. A terrific handle for an orange tabby and a curious kitten. Comes from Latin origins, meaning pungent spice and flourishing.

Hobbes. After Calvin and Hobbes, a prolific sunday newspaper cartoon.

Hodori. Cat name inspired by the stylized Korean tiger mascot in 1988.

Milo. Watch the 1986 movie Adventures of Milo and Otis and you just might be inspired to call your orange tabby Milo.

Muffin. Muffins are golden in color, and cats who are named Muffin are absolute sweethearts!

Nemo. After the Pixar film Finding Nemo, wherein an orange clownfish travels the world in search for his lost son.

Puss. For the sassiest cat in the neighborhood.

Ron. Comes from the Harry Potter books and movies. Ron is a faithful companion to the wizard Harry Potter. Incidentally, he’s also a ginger who has natural orange hair.

Shere Khan. The antagonist in The Jungle Book. Crafty, intelligent and can be silent when needed. Perfect for cats who are in tune with their base nature.

Tigger. Do you have a bouncy cat who loves to go on mini-adventures? Tigger is the best handle for cats who goof off all the time.

Brown Tabby

Autumn. A season that definitely represents the colors of a brown tabby. The leaves turn into red, orange, gold, yellow and every shade in between, just like your multi-faceted feline.

Chocolate or Mocha. Do you love your brown tabby so much you want to eat him or her up? Mocha or Choco is the perfect handle.

Coffee or Cocoa. Get this name if your cat reminds you of coffee beans or coffee with a splash of milk.

Copper. A reddish metal that closely resembles the rust coloring of your tabby.

Dotty or Spot. Spot is a favorite name for Dalmatians, but it can be attached to a brown tabby as well if they have unique dots or spot markings on their bodies.

Harlequin. A brown tabby with a one-of-a-kind harlequin should be named as such. Double the meaning if your kitty is a prankster and knows many funny tricks!

Hodgepodge. Hodgepodge means an assortment of different things, i.e., shapes, colors or items, which incidentally also means various tabby markings.

Honey. Is your kitty a sweet, loving tabby who wants to stay with you 24/7? Give him or her the name Honey and they’ll purr with pleasure.

Leo. Short for leopard and an appropriate handle for a cat who exhibits spotted markings.

Nutmeg. A sweet spice that can be found in the kitchen and in some tabby’s fur.

Reese. Love your cat, peanut butter and chocolate? Name her after the tasty chocolate treats that’s popular the whole world over.

Simba or Nala. The Lion King generated an enormous amount of cats that are named after their protagonists. Join the bandwagon and say Hakuna Matata.

Tabitha. Tabitha, or a derivative of the word tabby is a clever wordplay that’s sure to spark a conversation among friends and visitors.

Tiger. Tabbies that have these wild stripes deserve the name Tiger or any of its derivatives.

Wookie. Is the Force with your cat? Is he or she fuzzy like a wookie? Give them this title.

Gray Tabby

Abby. Abby is a fitting name for the sweetest cat in the world. The word means “father’s joy” and can be used in poems and raps that use Abby and tabby in quick succession.

Bullseye. Spot a bullseye marking on your gray tabby? Give him or her the name Bullseye.

Checkers. A derivative of the word “Specked” and a much more cat-friendly handle than the former.

Dusty. May refer to the color or the nature of a cat, i.e., likes to fight with other cats or collect dust under the sofa.

Em, Emma or Emmy. Reserved for tabbies who have a characteristic M-mark on their foreheads.

Hedwig. Harry Potter’s faithful owl can also be for a gray tabby that has big, glowing eyes. Does your cat love to stare at you with those luminous peepers come nighttime? Call them Hedwig.

London. A classy, sophisticated name for a cat who likes to travel, or has an owner who does.

Mackerel. Named after one of the four distinctive markings exhibited in tabby breeds. For derivatives, you can shorten it to Mac. Mackarel patterns are vertical stripes that run parallel on a tabby’s side.

Marble. A marble pattern deserves the same namesake

Nermal. Perhaps the most famous gray tabby in the world. Nermal is Garfield’s housemate and often the receiving end of the lazy cat’s pranks and jokes.

Pebble. Pebble is a fitting handle for a tiny feline with a big personality. The gray markings can also look like pebbles you’d find on the beach.

Pepper. A gray tabby may have a salt and pepper pattern that tempts you to call him or her Pepper. If so, then by all means christen them with that name!

Shira. A tigress in the animated cartoon movie Ice Age. It’s also one of the best tiger-striped names for a cat.

Smudge. Call your feline friend smudge and you’ll be sure to get questions from interested guests and relatives.

Zebra. A distinctive name for a tabby cat with markings that’s quite similar to that of an African animal.


Ace. Not necessarily due to color, but it’s a popular name that means intelligent or top of their class.

Crow or Raven. Black birds that are known for intelligence and having a sort of mysterious aura.

Ebony. Does your cat have a full, shiny black fur, much like a chess piece or a piano key? They’ll love the name Ebony and will respond well to it, too.

Eclipse. A name for a rare phenomena. When your cat is out of this world because it has such a unique, endearing quality, call your black cat Eclipse.

Felix. One of the most famous cat figures in TV and cartoon history. Reserved for felines who love the spotlight.

Midnight. Midnight is a fitting handle for a black cat who’s quiet and serene all the time.

Misty or Mystique. Black-haired cats are mostly gentle and mysterious creatures. You can also take this handle if your cat has some gray markings along with a dominant black coat.

Nimbus. Means “a dark cloud” and has connotations to being speedy. If your cat’s a black blur rushing to and fro, Nimbus is a great title.

Opal. Black opal is a prized gem, which can be compared to an equally priceless cat companion.

Bagheera. In The Jungle Book, Bagheera was a black panther who served as Mowgli’s best friend and protector against Shere Khan, a ferocious tiger.

Phantom. A favored name for someone who’s always reminded of the Phantom’s mask. Sneaky felines can get this name and it’ll stick just nicely.

Pluto. The cat’s name in the short story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. A great find for those who love to read books.

Salem. Newer generation cat owners will likely choose the name Salem, which is Sabrina’s cat in the Archie comics and TV shows of the teenage witch.

Taz. Does your cat love to chase his or her tail or throw up dust devils in the carpet and around the house? A crazy name for a crazy cat should fit just fine.

Vader. Darth Vader is a menacing black-robed figure of Star Wars fame. It’s a great title for owners who want a cool name and those who are fans of the movie.

Velvet. Reserved for black cats with luxurious, panther-like coat furs.


Ash. Can be further derived depending on your cat’s sex. Ashley or Ashton are both cute kitty names for gray dominant felines.

Coraline. Did you know that Coraline has a gray cat named Coraline? You can follow the same cue, or better yet, name your gray cat after your own.

Blade. A cool cat name for a male feline, especially a gray, serious one.

Bugs or Jerry. Gray cats that spend a lot of time under the limelight. Jesters and cats who love chasing real and imaginary mice will be happy to get the name Jerry or Bugs.

Cinderella. Cinder-colored varieties will love the dainty, princess-y name Cinderella.

Earl. After the world-famous earl grey tea popularized by Hollywood actor Jean Luc Picard.

Gandalf. Do you have a gray cat who pulls all sorts of wizardry under his hat? Get the nerdy pop culture title and watch as LOTR fans rave about the name you’ve chosen.

Sharky, Rhino or Koala. All pertains to animals who have dominant gray coloring.

Ninja. A stealthy name for a stealthy cat who loves the thrill of the hunt.

Rocky. A name that’s tough on the outside yet sweet on the inside.

Scratchy. From the Itchy and Scratchy show, a segment in The Simpsons.

Sterling. Great handle for gray cats with silvery streaks or lines.

Shadow. Sleek, silent and always on your back. If your cat loves to get involved 24/7, choose this cat name.

Smokey. Associated with gray smoke and hazy gray colors inherent in some breeds.

Twilight. The color of just-before night will be a fitting handle for your new kitten.


Alaska. Inspired by the US state that’s always covered with snow all throughout the year.

Angel. Symbolizes purity and innocence. Is your cat a perfect role model and has an angelic personality? Angel will be a fitting name, regardless of sex.

Blizzard. Muscular white kitties can be named after a powerful snowstorm.

China. Cats who exhibit a delicate, dainty nature can be called China, like fine china that needs to be treated with love and respect.

Elsa. Kids of today’s generation will want to name their family cats Elsa, after the Disney princess who controls ice.

Everest. Everest is a stately, elegant name for a cat who’s always climbing the highest points of your house.

Eskimo. Cats who are seemingly wrapped in fluffy or hairy coats may be named after dwellers of frozen regions.

Lily. Lily is a white flower that’s fragrant, beautiful and tough, and can be a perfect name for a cat with the same personality.

Luna, Apollo or Stella. These are astrological terms that represent celestial bodies that appear in the night. Does your cat look deeply in your eyes and seem to know every secret you’ve ever held? Choose any of these cat names and it will be a perfect fit.

Snowflake or Snowball. Who can resist naming their cat Snowball if they look like tiny balls of pure white, fluffy snow? You can deviate and bestow the name Frosty if you think Snowball is too common.

Pearl. A popular cat name that’s associated with a precious mineral. Pearls are thought to symbolize protection, wealth and good luck.

Phoebe. Means “bright and shining”. In myths, Phoebe is the daughter of the mighty titan Uranus.

Tic Tac. The small, white mint that people carry everywhere. Perfect for cats who are white, miniature and always seem to radiate a fresh aura.

Vanilla. A staple in cat names. Great for cats who are sweet and adorable.

Yuki or Shiro. Can mean either white or snow in Japanese.


Abe. Abraham Lincoln was known for sporting tux-like coats and displaying affection for cats.

Aristocrat. Can sound like a handful, but it’s a great title for a cat who shows nobility and a regal stature.

Bowtie. A cute nickname for a cat who has a tuxedo fur coating.

Gatsby or Daisy. If you’ve read the Great Gatsby then you’ll know these are the names of the protagonists in the book. If you have a pair, then these names are a must-have.

Duke or Duchess. Royalties in every which way.

Eightball. The only black and white pool ball. For those who love goofy-sounding names or whose hobbies include playing billiards or pool.

Butler. Do you have a cat who follows you around like a trusty butler? Give him this name and he’ll carry it with honor.

Tuxedo. Tuxedo for a tuxedo cat is somewhat obvious, but it’s become a popular handle over the decades. For a bit of twist, you can change it to Tuxxy or any other derivative to suit your preference.

Zorro. If your cat loves to swoop from above, this is the one for him. Zorro is the masked vigilante who saves the day.

James Bond. Does your cat love to play hide and seek like an international spy? Christen him James Bond, after the super agent who’s always smooth and looks good in a tux.

Magic. Magic is a name for cats who have tuxedo patterns and exhibit whimsical traits.

Moustache. A tuxedoed cat with a characteristic moustache must be named Moustache.

Tailor or Taylor. A play on a name of a person who makes tuxes for a living.

Gentleman or Lady. Great for pet cats who are always ready and “dressed” for occasions, including informal ones.

Nine. A conversation starter. It could refer to a cat’s nine lives or the expression “dressed to the nines”.

Black And White

Bandit. Means an outlaw within a gang, and is fun to name your cat with. Cats who have the name Bandit are apt to steal your heart due to its devilishly handsome looks.

Betty Boop. A timeless icon in both fashion and cartoon world. Betty started the whole glam thing with the polka-dot wear.

Chess or Checkers. A good handle if your cat is curious about the workings of human inventions and can do cat puzzles with ease.

Cruella. Cat name based on the Disney movie the 101 Dalmatians.

Whoopie Pie. You’ll be sure to have a unique cat name if you give him or her this. Great for those who love ice cream sandwiches and cream fillings.

Elvis. Who can resist calling their most adorable cat after the King of Rock and Roll?

Figaro. This name gained popularity when the Disney film Pinocchio showed on theaters. It’s still a great cat name today.

Mickey or Minnie. Pay tribute to one of the greatest timeless icons of our time. Classic Mickey and Minnie are both black and white, which matches your pet’s color pattern.

Oreo. The world’s favorite black and white cookie can be yours, at least in the form of your cat’s name.

Panda. Panda is an excellent fit, especially for tuxedos. Plus points if your cat is fluffy like a bear.

Penguin. Another animal name may sound counterintuitive, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly it sticks to your pet. As an alternative, Puffin is also a good variation.

Sylvester. Do you have a black and white who’s always chasing other pets, insects and that laser dot? Give him Sylvester after the energetic Looney Tunes cat who’s always hungry for Tweety Bird.

Yin Yang. Yin Yang represents balance and the best of both worlds. Is your cat a good balance of fun, love and sweetness? This is the perfect handle for him or her.

Zebra. Cat name inspired by an animal from the African savannah that exhibits black and white stripes.

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