Cat Names By Breed

Cat Names By Breed.

Choosing a name for your cat is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, for it will forever be his or hers. There are a lot of factors that can come into play, i.e., your favorite cat cartoon, food, popular cat names and of course, cat names by breed. If you’re simply at a loss at naming your cat, why not choose from the ones below?


Abby. If you have a female Abyssinian, then Abby is a must-consider. The name comes from Hebrew origins, which means Father in Rejoicing. Abbys are free-spirited, happy and content most of the time.

Cleo. Felines that come from a royal line deserves to be called Cleo, named after the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Simba. Those who love The Lion King will most certainly name their Abyssinians Simba, which comes from Swahilian roots, meaning “lion”.

Oscar. An Abyssinian with a name Oscar will grow up to be independent and quite fond of their owners. It comes from Old Norse, which means “fighter for God”.

Anukis. Anukis, pronounced Ann-You-Kiss, was the Nile Goddess. If your cat displays an obsession with water and its many bodies, then this is the name for you.

American Curl

Oreo. It’s American-made and the perfect fit for felines who have black and white fur coating. It’s cute and very catchy as well.

Loki. Do you have a Curl who loves to play tricks, cause mischief and wreak general havoc around the house? Name your playful kitty Loki.

Daisy. A name specially reserved for the sweetest cats with ever-loving personalities. The Daisy comes from the flower that has white petals and a yellow center.

Toby. Of Greek origins, which translates to “Goodness of God”. Take this if your cat shows more interest in playing with you or staying by your side than playing with other pets.

Peanut. Peanut is a great name for tiny cats with big personalities. Comes from the pod family.

American Shorthair

Kitty. Kitty is a really popular name not just for shorthairs, but for other breeds as well. It’s a good, well-rounded title for felines who are true to their instincts.

Lucy. An old-fashioned handle given to spoiled cats. Its Latin translation is “Light and Learning”.

Callie. Callies can have a variety of spelling deviations, including Calli, Cali, Kali or Kallie. Regardless, they are usually given to shorthairs who have 3 colors.

Tiger. Does your cat have the markings of a tiger, i.e., stripes? Call him Tiger and watch how he responds to that majestic title.

Tigger. A cat named Tigger is ornery and yet can be sweet as candy. They love people and life in general.


Gizmo. Gizmo Balinese are always busy searching for things to do and toys to play with. When they’re not with their owners, they’re out and exploring every nook and cranny of your home.

Titan. Is your cat seemingly big and immovable? The name Titan is a worthy fit. In Greek folklore, titans were the progenitors and mean “Powerful Big Man” in English.

Molly. Molly is inherently sweet-natured, gentle and human-like in how they demonstrate their affection to their owners. In Hebrew, it means Virgin Mother of Christ.

Luna. True nocturnals and felines who sport a midnight black coat may be named Luna and it will be a perfect fit.

Sienna. Balinese cats who have earthy colors may be named after the reddish brown clay of the same name.


Lucky. Lucky can be christened to a cat who has been saved at an animal shelter.

Diesel. Manly, masculine and can mean after the protagonist from Fast and the Furious.

Sasha. Another popular celebrity name for a Bengal. In a surprising twist, Sashas are quiet, eager to please and quite content to just settle down beside you as you work, eat or read a book.

Ariel. Means heavenly singer. Cats who meow as if singing can be given the title. Also, if you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid.

Lily. Lily is a dainty name for an equally dainty kitten. The name comes from Latin origins which mean a beautiful flower.

Birman Cat

Toby. Toby is a fitting title for a faithful companion who’s with you at all times, whether you’re eating, sleeping or working in front of the computer.

Buddy. Buddy is American English for Messenger. You can call your feline friend Buddy if he’s adorable and reciprocates love given.

Romeo. Does your cat look like a smooth, suave guy who cat ladies swoon after? Romeo has its origins from Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet.

Angel. The name Angel can mean a lot of things, including loyal, thoughtful and tranquil personalities.

Lulu. Arabic for “pearl”, it indicates a cat who’s one of a kind. These Birmans are beautiful, elegant and feminine in every which way.

Bombay Cat

Milo. Milo is a name associated with fun and independence. These felines are sweet and kind in equal measure. It’s Chech in nature and means “being the best”.

Ollie. A derivative of Oliver, which means symbol of peace. They are the peacemakers of the family and dislike anything loud, bright or noisy.

Felix. Felix is the world-famous cartoon character, and by nature are great clowns and comedians. They love to put on a show in front of an appreciative crowd.

Princess. Bombay cats named Princess are opulent and often dressed like so. They won’t be caught dead without a stylish collar, a bandana or frilly pink clothes.

Sophie. Sophie is a great name for a cat who’s sweet and sincere. In Greek language, the word means Wisdom.

British Shorthair

Bella. The name Bella for a female cat has become popular due to the film Twilight. If you have a doe-eyed cat who loves the dark, then it’s a no-brainer.

Lucy. British shorthairs who love attention are named Lucy. In Latin, the name signifies learning and light.

Winston. British shorthair and Winston are a good mix. Get it if your cat is dignified in its own way.

Oliver. Cats named Oliver are generally well-liked and wonderful.

Max. Max or Maximilian is a title for felines who go on their own little adventures each day.

Burmese Cat

Romeo. Does your cat love to act and make a great showing when you come back home after a hard day’s work? Romeo will be the perfect handle for your pet.

Momo. Momo is a unisex name that has Japanese origins. It means peach.

Dakota. Burmese cats who exhibit interesting patterns may be named Dakota. Those who have watched kid star Dakota Fanning’s movies can also do the same.

Ginger. A popular common name for girl kittens who are exciting and exhibit dominant orange hues.


Zeus. Zeus is a fitting title for cats who are lord of their domains. These Chausies may have oddly-shaped, lightning bolt marks anywhere in their bodies.

Apollo. Brawny, proud and extremely noble. Apollo cats act like they’re full of knowledge and aren’t fond of making fun of themselves.

Alex. In Greek terms, a Defender of Man. If your cat guards you jealously from all other pets and visitors, this is the perfect handle.

Lulu. Lulu Chausies are extremely rare, dainty and beautiful both inside and outside. It’s the Arabic term for Pearl and has several other variations, i.e., Lucy, Louella or Louise.

Athena. Does your cat regard you like a mere mortal who’s not worthy to serve her? Call your chausie Athena, which has its origins in Greek roots and she’ll give you a nod of approval.

Cornish Rex

Oscar. Oscar may be a proper name but its English meaning is “Divine Spear”.

Tommy. If it’s been weeks since you had your cat but don’t have a name for it yet, choose a popular name somewhere in the likes of Tom, Tommy or Thomas.

Mikesch. Mikesch is a unique handle for felines who are quite extraordinary in terms of agility, habits and zest for life.

Zoe. Cornish Rexes named Zoes often become strong-willed leaders of the pack. They radiate a sense of power and yet are quiet, thoughtful and gentle most of the time.

Cleo. Cornish Rex cats are apt to be called Cleo because they have lovely coats and an equally enchanting personality. When they walk around, these cats expect worship from their owners and family members.

Devon Rex

Harley. Devon Rexes who are naturally playful may be rightfully called Harley. In Hebrew, the word means “Wild Spirited” and can be synonymous with independence, smart and loyal.

Felix. Felix is the best cat name for felines who have lots of humor. These creatures love to make a good show and they’ll bow if they could. The Latin word of Felix means “Happy”. Fun-loving and very active, they can be tough and very courageous when needed.

Molly. Molly is derived from Hebrew origins, which means “Virgin Mother of Christ”. Devon Rexes called Molly stay attached to their owner and are very trusting to a fault.

Sushi. Love Japanese food and want to name your cat with a word that’s associated with luck? Sushi should be at the top of the name consideration.

Exotic Shorthair

Bella. Popularized by the teen vampire film Twilight, the name Bella in cats have made a comeback, thanks to the main protagonist of the same name.

Mittens. Shorthairs who have sock-like markings on their feet deserve this name. Mittens is a cute, all-American name and one that made an appearance in Hollywood films, notably Bolt and Snow Buddies.

Max. Max is a tough, muscled handle for Exotics who are brawny and masculine. The Latin translation for Max, or Maximillian is “The Greatest”.

Oliver. Oliver is a Latin word that means “Olive Tree”. Is your cat always cautious and walks around as if on eggshells? Call him Oliver.

Gizmo. Made for ever-curious cats who are fascinated by the things and electronic devices you bring home. They’ll happily spend hours perusing machines and seeing how it moves and works.

Egyptian Mau

Horus. God of the Rising Sun and all-around hero, Horus is a great name for Maus who are benevolent and kind.

Atlas. Does your Egyptian Mau sometimes appear worried and looks like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders? Atlas could be his destined title.

Nike. You may know Nike as a basketball shoe brand, but in Egypt, Nike is a goddess who flies around in a chariot.

Alice. Alice is an uncommon name for an uncommon breed of cat. The name itself means truth and has a certain feminine ring to it.

Daisy. Daisies are dainty creatures with noble manners similar to princesses. They are sweet, loving and are content to just lie beside you all day.


Nala. Himalayan female cats who carry themselves with grace, nobility and youth should be called Nala, after Simba’s best friend turned lover. If you have a male, then it makes total sense to call him Simba.

Azalea. For pets who rival humans in terms of companionship. Azalea is a kind of flower that’s symbolic to friendship, softness and inherent femininity.

Jasmine. Himalayans that display an exotic fur coat should be named Jasmine. In attitude, they are sweet and very loving to people and animals they meet.

Loki. Greek mythology’s god of mischief. Kitties who are naughty and always causing trouble should be named this.

Diesel. Tough cats who don’t mind being fussed over can be called Diesel. It’s a proper handle for cats who are “bad to the bone” and yet are very loyal to their owners.

Japanese Bobtail

Calypso. The name might be a mouthful, but it’s fitting for felines who are agile despite their size.

Mikesch. Gifted cats who possess super agility, intuition and primal hunting skills can be named Mikesch or any of its derivatives.

Oliver. Is your Japanese Bobtail as serene as its namesake? Oliver is a popular name that fits any cat well.

Achmed. Give your Japanese Bobtail cat the handle Achmed if he or she manages to constantly surprise you in every which way.

Sassy. Reserved for felines who want only the best indulgence, care and accommodations. She’s mostly independent and can be aloof at times.


Archie. A shortened name for Archibald, a royal handle that dates back to castles and nobility.

Smokey. Smokeys love to follow you around like a smoke or a shadow.

Tommy. There are plenty of Korats named Tommy as it’s a popular, well-liked name.

Gracie. Sweet, graceful and sticks by your side wherever you go. In Latin, Gracie means Faithful.

Angelina. Angelinas are little angels, and owners can adapt different handle variations such as Angela or even Angel.


Misty. A girly name that encapsulates attitudes such as shy, sweet and quiet. They can be cautious of strangers but not have any reservations when their human owners come home.

Kitty. LaPerms and the name Kitty are a perfect match. The breed is naturally sweet, dainty and possess fine manners.

Simba. Comes from the Disney film The Lion King.

Tigger. For sweet cats who go crazy from time to time. The origin is American and means Cute Cat.

Maine Coon

Bojangles. Mr Bojangles was immortalized by Jeff Walker and other artists.

Fabian. Want an exotic name that has a history to it? Fabian literally means “Prosperous Farmer” in Latin.

Jasmine. Maine Coons can have striking patterns and colors that are attractive to look at. When your pet has this, her name automatically becomes Jasmine.

Chloe. Care-free and always aim to please. Chloes have a big heart and an independent personality.

Bella. Coons named Bellas are spoiled by their owners. They love to wear pink both in and outdoors.


Munchkin. Confuse and astound friends and visitors when you tell them your Munchkin cat is named Munchkin, then spend half an hour explaining why.

Simba. Always a popular handle for any breed of cat, more so if you’re a big fan of the Disney film.

Coco. A derivative of the word cocoa. You can also call your stylish munchkin Coco based on Coco Chanel, a world-famous designer.

Fluffy. If your first thought when seeing your cat was “it’s so fluffy!”, then he or she deserves this name.

Albert. Albert is a world-famous Munchkin that has a distinctive nose markings and big, round eyes that make the audience go “aww”. If you feel the same about your cat, adopt the handle.


Luna. Nebelungs are known nocturnals and Luna is a great fit for a pet who’s always on the lookout for the moon.

Missy. Soft-spoken cats who meowl and purr as you handle them should be called Missy. In Greek terms, the name means “Soft Spoken”.

Smokey. Often gray with silver streaks, Nebelungs are naturally smoky and are frontrunners to this name title.

Puma. A masculine cat name reserved for felines who act like their bigger cousins.

Misty. Another popular name for the Nebelung breed. The blue coat with streaky silver hues are like mists that appear in the night.

Norwegian Forest

Emma. Emma is an excellent name for felines who can surprise you in a good way. It’s a popular cat name as there are lots of Emmas in the entertainment industry.

Astro. Is your cat always out and about and yet comes home at the end of the day? Call him Astro.

Blaze. For Norwegian Forests that exhibit striking bold coat hues and display a similar fiery attitude.

Bella. Night-loving kitties will have the name Bella quite there on the top of the list of choices. Popularized by the film Twilight.

Romeo. For dashing debonairs who charm both family members and visitors alike.


Alice. Did you know that Alice is one of the most popular cat names? The word means Truth and was common during the Medieval period.

Nugget. In English, nuggets are small pieces of treasure, often in a golden state. Your cat can be something very precious to you, hence the title.

Harley. Ocicats are natural jesters, and Harley is a fitting title for a female animal comedian. When your pet’s antics are unbelievable, bestow this name and you’ll both be happier for it.

Simba. Who can not resist calling their Ocicat Simba? The term directly translates to “Lion” from Swahili to English.

Nala. Then again, if you have a female Ocicat, the best you can do is name her Nala, the childhood friend turned wife of the future Lion King.


Ace. Do you have an agile Oriental who’s good at everything? Ace will prove to be a great fit.

Momo. A unisex name that has become popular recently. It’s Japanese in origin, which translates to “Peach”.

Athena. The Greek goddess of Wisdom. Does your Oriental love to hold a pose as if she’s thinking? You can bet she’d respond to the handle.

Molly. Very trusting, very sweet and good-natured, you can’t ever make a cat named Molly mad.

Sushi. Sushi is a forward-thinking name for individuals who love this type of cuisine. It can also mean great fortune or luck.


Smokey. A gray colored kitten must have Smokey as one of the top name considerations.

Gizmo. Persians love to make your things theirs and do a thorough job inspecting them from top to bottom. For busy cats who can’t seem to take time off to relax or sleep.

Chloe. Chloes of the feline kingdom love to please their owners in any way they can, whether greeting them at the door or keeping them company as they go about their chores.

Precious. Precious persians are generally pampered and given anything they like. In English, the name means Highly Valued or Loved.

Princess. Cats treated like royalty around the house may assume the honorifics of Princess by their family and visitors.


Angel. Low voiced and yet gentle and sweet when they speak. The English translation is Lovable and Kind.

Angus. Comes from Celtic origins, meaning “One Strength”. Male Ragamuffins who value independence and are capable of handling themselves should be called this masculine name.

Titan. The largest moon of Saturn. Is your Ragamuffin big and immovable? Christen him Titan and be done with it.

Muffin. Muffin is short for the Ragamuffin breed and can be quite self-explanatory.

Princess. Always popular with breeds who love to be treated lavishly and with utmost respect.


Max. Ragdolls with the name Max can get around the house just fine and do whatever they wish. They’re independent and strong-willed to a fault.

Bailey. Bailey in English is a “Trusted Guardian”, or a loose version of a “Bailiff”. Cats who have proven themselves to be smart cookies are worthy of this title.

Bella. Ragdolls and Bellas come together like vampires and blood. Popularized by recent teen Hollywood film Twilight.

Sophie. Sweet and truly sincere are the two outstanding characteristics of Ragdolls, which are quite synonymous to the origin of the name Sophie.

Chloe. Female owners often choose Chloe as it’s light, easy to say and works very well as a cat name.

Russian Blue

Elena. Means Bright or Shining Light, and compatible with a cat who brightens your day each time you feel glum.

Alexander. Russian blues can be brawny and tough-looking. For the male cat in your life, Alexander can be an awesome fit.

Zilant. Zilant is a kind of dragon with different colors. The name works as Russian Blues are mysterious and have multi-faceted personalities.

Devana. Devana is the name of a Slavic goddess who loves to hunt. Do you have a cat who’s always prowling the grounds looking for smaller prey? Call them Devana.

Siberia. One of the more popular destinations in Russia. Call your pet this if you want an exotic handle.


Tamara. Comes from the Bible, which means Date (the fruit) or Palm Tree.

Simba. The ever-popular name for house cats who always seem carefree and enjoy living life to the fullest.

Mowgli. Originally of the jungle. An automatic consideration for cats who belong in the Savannah breed.

Kitty. Sweet, dainty and loving pet felines are called “Kitty” by default. Call them too long by this name and you’ll have no choice but to continue doing so.

Hunter. A cool name and a symbolic one, to boot.

Scottish Fold

Scottie. Star Trek fans will definitely want to get this breed just so they can name their pets Scottie. It has Scottish origins with a simple meaning, “From Scotland”.

Aberfa. You can be as serious or as witty with this pet name. Loosely translated, it means “Mouth of the River”.

Maggie. Maggies are somewhat similar to Mollies in that they are cute and adorable even as adults. Snowy white cats with happy personalities are candidates for this name.

Zoe. Have an independent cat that puts all your other pets in line? Name her Zoe and she’ll readily take it.

Angus. The counterpart of Zoe. Angus in Gaelic language means Strength.

Selkirk Rex

Cassidy. Curly haired and clever cats are Cassidy by nature.

Cotton. Can’t stop fondling your pet Rex because of its soft, fluffy coat? Name him or her Cotton.

Teddy. Selkirks are often mistaken for being miniature sheep or teddy bears. Call your feline companion Teddy if he or she is always up for a hug.

Shaggy. Descriptive of the Selkirk Rex variety. The fur looks absolutely wooly and plush, like well-stuffed furniture.

Sassy. A great name for cats with attitudes. You can lovingly call them this and get away with it.

Siamese Cat

Samuel/ Samantha. Siamese are often human-like in the way they act and show affection. Samantha and Samuel come from Hebrew origins, meaning “God Has Heard”.

Snickers. Love a catchy name for your pet? Why not the name of a tasty chocolate treat? Your friends will love it.

Cleo. Siamese have long, flowy coats that resemble luxurious Egyptian clothing. If your cat carries herself well among the crowd, then she deserves the name Cleo.

Bandit. A name usually reserved for canines, but nonetheless fits Siamese who sport dark brown or dominant black coats.

Sassy. For pets who are undeniably feminine. Cats who act like they’re princesses may be called Princess or Sassy.


Sasha. Comes from Greek origins meaning helpmate.

Anastasia. A popular girl cat name whose meaning is “Resurrection”.

Dakota. Does your cat have native American roots? Dakota can fit the bill quite well.

Zippy. Speedy cats that you can’t catch must be named Zippy.

Tiger. Quite fitting for a large Siberian cat, especially if they have stripes similar to their bigger cousins.


Bonita. In Mexican, means “pretty little one”. Fits dainty and tiny felines.

Peanut. Is your cat the runt of the litter? Call them Peanut and do it lovingly.

Emerald. The Singapura breed is known for having enchanting emerald eyes that mesmerize. You can take cue from that and call your loved one Emerald.

Rocky. Playful and strong. Rocky is the immortalized boxer in the Hollywood film of the same name.

Nugget. Reserved for precious little ones who are as valuable as gold. These cats have become indispensable members of the family.

Snowshoe Cat

Mittens. A common trait of the Snowshoe cat is its white paws that look like mittens.

Gracie. Latin for Faithful, Gracie is an apt name for a cat who’s agile and sweet whenever you’re nearby.

Domino. Black and white Snowshoes can be called Domino regardless of sex.

Anukis. Pronounced Ann-you-kiss and represents the Goddess of the Nile. Snowshoes are known for their love of water in all its form and bodies.

Jasmine. Means white and flowery.

Sphynx Cat

Cleo. Who won’t be able to resist calling their Sphynx cat Cleo or Cleopatra, especially if they act all high and mighty around the house?

Seth. The god of chaos in Egyptian folklore. If your cat loves to get in trouble all the time, this handle is for him.

Samson. If you’d like to inject a bit of humor and paradox, Samson is a good name for a hairless cat breed.

Isis. Does your cat love to enchant visitors under her spell? Call her Isis after the goddess of magic spells.

Dobby. Love Harry Potter and your new Sphynx? Name him after the goblin servant Dobby. The resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think?


Precious. More as a term of endearment for your pet, but it’s catchy and can fit a Tonkinese well.

Cuddles. The breed is extra cuddly and as such, you can go by Cuddles.

Yoda. Love Star Wars and have a cat who has pointy ears? Give him a Jedi robe costume to match.

Pouncer. Have a feline who’s active and loves to replay the hunt multiple times in a day? Pouncer will be a badge he or she’d be proud to have.

Aqua. For Tonkinese that exhibit aquamarine eyes. You’ll drown in the blue depths and become lost in it.

Turkish Angora

Alaska. A state of the US known for white, all-snow terrain, which can perfectly describe your cat’s coat.

Phoebe. A popular name that means “Pure” or “Shining” or “Bright”. If your cat is a ray of sunshine around the house, then it’s a fitting title.

Emma. All-embracing and one who heals. Emma Angoras are down to earth and nurturing cats who absolutely adore their owners.

Frosty. A short, succinct name for a cat who has all-white fur.

Leo. Turkish Angoras sometimes have long, flowy manes on their necks. If this is the case with your pet, designate the proper name by calling him Leo.

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