Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Cat.

The Nebelung Cat is a distinct, one-of-a-kind breed that’s highly sought after due to its majestic appearance and even-mannered temperament. These cats are gentle and would like nothing more than peace and quiet.

Nebelung is loosely translated as “creature of the mist” in the German language. Often mistaken for a Russian Blue (where Nebelungs originated from), they share the same physical traits except for coat length. The cat’s medium length fur sports a bright blue tinged with silver tips, giving it a “shining halo” effect.

History of Nebelung

Nebelung CatNebelungs started life at Cora Cobb’s Nebelheim Cattery in 1984. The Russian programmer gave a domestic black shorthair to her son, named Elsa, who mated with a Russian Blue. The offsprings were a mix of blue and black shorthairs, with one of them having a long-haired blue fur.

Cora Cobb was pleased with the appearance and temperament of the cat that she began a breeding programme in order to replicate the unique characteristics. In 1984 and 1985, Siegfried and Brunhilde were born, and they were the pioneers of the breed in the U.S.

The cat was eventually recognized as an independent breed by the International Cat Association, who then set the standard for it in 1986.

Size of the Nebelung

The breed is classified as a medium-sized feline, marked by a long, bushy tail and long limbs. Males weigh somewhere around 8 to 11 lbs., while the females are around 6 to 9 lbs. Moreover, European Nebelungs are significantly larger than their U.S. counterparts.

Personality of the Nebelung

Nebelungs possess a human-like quality that’s inherent in the breed. They can be very loyal pets to their owners, much like canines when they co-habit, and are often seen following their master from one room to another. Moreover, these cats are quiet, gentle and affectionate, and can be quite playful if the humans are up for it.

These cats love to connect with their hunting instincts from time to time by climbing great heights and pouncing on squeaky objects and toys. They can be agile when needed and cover room lengths very quickly. In the presence of strangers, they can get uncomfortable and exhibit extreme shyness. Nebelungs are mild-mannered cats who will happily sit on your lap and sleep beside you at night without any disturbance or shenanigans.

Nebelung Kittens

The average litter size for this breed would be three. Newborn kittens will exhibit yellow eyes at first, which eventually turns green during the first few months. As an adult, the green will be pronounced and takes on a deep emerald hue.

Nebelungs need socialization in the earliest time they can get it. Bonding will take some time, but when it happens these cats are loyal to the very end.


Nebelung gene pool is limited due to their numbers, and breeders often cross them with Russian Blues to increase genetic diversity. A cat’s experience and environment play a huge factor in their upbringing and temperament. Visit the breeder’s home and see the living conditions of the parents. Don’t buy a kitten that hasn’t been tested for disease.

Nebelung Health

The breed has a long expected lifespan and can grow up to 13 years or more. Nebelungs are healthy and have few genetic issues, although its closest cousin, the Russian Blue has inherent bladder and kidney stone predilections.

Keep an eye out for general feline problems such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism and renal failure. Visit your vet once in a while to keep on top of your pet’s health condition.

Care of the Nebelung

Domestic cats love a routine life, and the Nebelung is no exception. Once you get past the natural shyness and established a bond, your cat will take to his or her home and all its elements. Your cat will start sniffing and exploring high places. Provide plenty of toys and mental stimulation in the form of puzzles and stimulating activities. Only allow your pet outside if you’re sure that they’ll be safe. Do not let them out unsupervised as they can cause or become subject to harm.

Litter Box Training

If you want to keep your Nebelung’s coat as clean as possible, then you should start with a clean litter box. Scoop out your pet’s waste and make it a habit to clean out the cat litter every day. Buy the same litter material as the breeders’ to ensure a smooth transition.

Nebelung Nutrition

If possible, ask for the breeder’s feeding schedule and follow the same time so your cat won’t get an upset tummy. Feed your cat nutritious food that’s appropriate for his or her age and lifestyle. The Nebelung is generally active, but too much food and too little exercise will result in obesity and health issues down the line. Devote some time for proper exercise and care. Also, check your cat’s water and make sure their bowl is full and clean.

Cow’s milk is a no-no for cats as it can cause indigestion and an upset stomach.

Coat and Eye Color

The Nebelung cat has a dense coat which is different from pure blue felines. The double coat consists of a medium blue undercoat and a silvery top coat, which can sometimes make the kitten appear ghost-like. In Australia and New Zealand, some cats were seen as having a black and white color. Eye color is a vivid, sparking green; it’s not uncommon for some to have a yellow-green iris hue.

Nebelung Grooming

The dense coat of a Nebelung will require weekly grooming sessions to remove dead hair and to keep it shiny and healthy. Your cat’s dental health is paramount, so you should prepare a special toothbrush and a vet-approved toothpaste for everyday use. The ears should be cleaned once every week to prevent wax buildup and infection.

Children and Other Pets

Nebelungs are the perfect companions for adolescents, families and seniors who want to have a loyal cat. These cats have an acute sense and “know” what’s going around the household. At first they are understandably shy but soon develop into affectionate felines that you’ll surely love.

They are easily terrified of noise, however, and don’t like loud dogs or children. If that’s the case in your home, then you may want to hold off until your kids grow up or things get quieter around the house.

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